What Bo Staff Should I Use?

Are you new to learning the Bo Staff and want to find one that’s perfect for you? Here are a few things to think about when ordering- plus links to some of my favorite recommendations!

Purpose: What do you want to use it for? In order to select a good size, weight, and material, you should first know what purpose you want for your bo staff. Did you get inspired to learn after watching sport karate competitors do the high speed strikes, spins and throws? Or do you like more of a traditional style? There’s also combat bo staffs if you want to work on self-defense and fighting with them!

Size: How tall should your bo staff be?
Once again, this comes down to what you want to use your bo for & preference. Generally, you want to make sure your bo is shorter than you are. This allows for faster and easier manipulations and tricks. My ideal height for a bo is 2-3 inches shorter than your height. 

However, for kids that are still growing, we usually order a bo that is 2 inches taller than their height since kids grow so quickly! By the time they master their tricks down, their bo staff is a perfect height!

Material: What should your bo be made of?

Bos can be made of heavier wood that is great for strength, or lighter wood that is made for easily adding more speed.

The ones I recommend for beginners are Tapered Hardwood Bo Staffs. These are still pretty light- about a pound- but also strong enough where you don’t have to worry about the learning curve and dropping or scratching it during your early training.

For students that are more experienced or that want a competition bo, I would recommend a lighter and tapered bo.

Appearance: How should your bo look?

This is a fun part about weapons! If you want a light competition bo, you have so many options to choose from! I recommend ordering from Ultimate Weapons- they are able to customize your bo with specific stripes, bands, base colors, and grips. 

I usually recommend colors that will stand out and look flashy when you’re moving quickly. My favorites include fluorescent green, mirror chrome, or silver prism.

Grip vs No Grip

This one is completely up to your personal preference! I recommend beginners have some kind of way of knowing where the center of the bo staff is. A grip generally helps you designate where you’re at while holding your bo. However, some people like the difference in texture, and some people hate it! 

I personally prefer bos without a grip, but with a color difference in the center to help me with catches and tricks.

Adult Beginner Recommendation: CLICK HERE

My Black Belt Samery Competition Bo Staff: CLICK HERE

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